From the Desk of Pastor Howard Travis
What is Faith ?
True Worship is Countercultural
What is Repentance ?
Does Prayer Provide Forgiveness ?
What is Sanctification ?
Is it All About the Heart ?
What is Piety ?
The Meaning of Life
What is Grace ?
Casual Christianity
What is Love ?
No Cheap Grace!
What is Hope ?
"Is HELL a real place ?
True Wisdom
Is it OK to Show Anger ?
Relationship Theology
One True Doctrine
It's All about the Struggle
What Would Jesus Do?
Spiritual, Not Religious
You're Wrong, Pastor!
Feelings and Emotions
Hated by the World
Christianity is No Game
Growing Apart from This World
Faith and Works ?
Self-Esteem & Ego
Morals & Ethics
Not What We Want, What We Need !
Law & Gospel Christians
All Denominations are the Same
Faith Alone
The End of the World
Taking Up Your Cross
Spiritually Anemic
American Independent Thought
The One Unforgiveable Sin
Why Do You Attend Chruch ?
Your Conscience
Something Good
God is Love and  Justice ?
Voice of God
Is God Punishing Me ?
Making Yourself Better
The Story of Salvation
The Paradoxical Nature of Faith
The Theology of Glory
Is Your Life Pleasing to God ?
Penitent or Impenitent ?
Jesus must Increase, I must Decrease
Mystery of Conversion
Taking Communion in an Unworthy Manner
Winners and Losers
A New Start !
Could I end up in Hell, due to unforgiveness?
Today is the Day of Salvation
Spiritual Dryness
Man's Need for Love
What is Lent ?
Do You Understand Christianity ?
Using ALL of Scripture !
Imagine No Religion
How Can We Bear Fruit ?
Freedom from Responsibility
Are We to Judge Our Neighbor ?
Living in a Post-Christian Era
What is Advent ?
Good versus Evil
Your Giving: An Obligation or an Opportunity ?
Is Doing Nothing a Gift from God ?
Will You Recognize Him ?
Spiritual Freedom
Encouraging Others in Christ
Anatomy of a Christian
Finding the Right Church